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Release Date:  

Release Highlights

A new version of the BioMS (BioMS v2.5) was released on October 5th, Thursday, 2017. The following are the major highlights of the new version that you will notice:

  1. Improved Biospecimen Receipt Annotation:  Data values for received biospecimen quality have been revised and in total there are now 21 valid status values. For all status values other than "Acceptable", the user (CRA) who collected and logged the biospecimen in BioMS will receive a more detailed, automated email with details on the sample submission deficiency and instructions (if relevant) on how to resolve the problem for the current and future submissions. A detailed description and proposed biorepository action for each of the new received biospecimen quality values can be reviewed at the following publicly available link.  Specimen Quality Values
  2. Improved Biospecimen Kit Request Process:  A new kit request step has been added so that a user who submits a kit request will not be able to make changes once the request has been taken for processing by the biorepository staff.  This is accomplished when the biorepository staff clicks the "Process" button for the kit request in the kit request dashboard, changing the status from "Open" to "In Process". This will prevent last minute edits to a kit request once the fulfillment process has started, which in the past has created confusion and delay in distributing kits.
  3. Added Trial Attributes:  Additional data values have been added to trial definitions in BioMS, which will facilitate more accurate timeliness and payment reporting for biospecimen submission.

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