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Release Highlights

A new version of the BioMS (BioMS v3.3) was released on  November 15, 2018. Along with few minor enhancements, one of the changes in this version is that the BioMS will send email confirmations on all biospecimen receipts once received at the biorepository. In the past, the email notification was limited to only specimens with receiving quality status other than "Acceptable".  With this change, it will send email confirmation on all biospecimen receipts regardless of the receiving quality status. This change is implemented as per the request from the site users so that they can confirm the biorepository receipt of the specimens and there is no need to follow up with biorepository. There is only one email sent per shipment and it will include all specimens in that shipment. Please note that in most cases, there is no immediate action required from the CRA who sent the shipment and this is just an informational message. The details of the received biospecimen quality values can be found at Specimen Receipt Values.  

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