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Release Date:  

Release Highlights

A new version of the BioMS (BioMS v3.5) was released on  January 24, 2019. The following are the major highlights of the release. .

  1. Bar codes have been added for Specimens on the Shipment Manifest.

  2. Shipment Manifests are printed as PDF documents in Landscape orientation.

  3. Specimen Quantity for each specimens has been added to the Shipment Manifest.

  4. When downloaded and saved, the Shipment Manifest PDF file will have a standard name in the format of  <ShipmentManifest_BioMS Shipment ID.pdf>

  5. BioMS Shipment ID and page number(s) appears as document footer on all pages of the Shipment Manifest / Associated forms, if any.  

  6. BioMS logo has been removed from the Shipment Manifest to limit the number of pages.


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