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Production Release Date:  

Release Highlights

  • Integrated Specimen Kit workflow in BioMS for Mayo Biorepository with Mayo RLIMS Kit Fulfillment process. 
  • Expedited Specimen Kit Requests will be processed immediately upon submission. 
  • For Regular Specimen Kit Requests, submitted user can modify the request via BioMS GUI ONLY until 7 PM CT on the same day request was submitted and then at that time the request will be taken up for processing and no further changes are possible via BioMS GUI. 
  • Latest status of the Specimen Kit Request can be viewed via BioMS GUI and BioMS will notify the requester via email once the Kit Request is fulfilled. (Same as Before 11/14/2021)         

Supported Browsers

  • FireFox v92
  • Chrome v94
  • Microsoft Edge v94
  • Safari 12

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